Posted by Admin - 29/04/2016


As a landlord, you may find yourself torn between accepting and refusing DSS tenants.  We are here to equip you with the benefits and potential risks of accepting these types of tenants.

Those who are unemployed or on a low income are usually entitled to DSS (housing benefits).  This is an allocation of money from the council that the tenants receive monthly and it can cover part or all of their rent.  The allowance itself is entirely dependent on whether they rent a property from a council or privately.

One major risk landlords face is tenants falsely claiming benefits.  If this is the case then the council can claim back this money and make the landlord repay it out of the rent.

Sometimes the council are only providing part payments to the tenants which means there is the chance the tenants will not be able to cover the full rental amount.  Before 2008, the housing benefit payments were made straight to the landlord, however, now the money is given to the tenant and they have the responsibility of ensuring this meets the landlord.  Evidently this relies solely on the tenants paying this money which is what makes some landlords reluctant to take DSS tenants.

The amount of housing benefit a tenant is entitled to can be subject to change without any indication therefore tenants will be expected to pick up for the shortcomings.

It’s not all doom and gloom and there are so many negative connotations linked to this sector, however, there are plenty of benefits to accepting DSS tenants, such as:

The lack of supply compared to demand.  As many landlords are so reluctant to take DSS tenants it leaves those who will accept them open to numerous offers. This will allow you to increase the rental amount and therefore get more money for taking the supposed risk.

As there is a lack of competition in this sector due to landlords not wanting to accept DSS tenants, the likelihood is, you will be able to be very selective when it comes to choosing tenants.

Not only is this a profitable and worthwhile market you are actually providing vital housing to a selection of people who would otherwise find extreme difficulty in putting a roof over their heads.