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Posted by Alan - 13/10/2015


Did you know that there are estimated to be 200 million blinds in the UK.
An interesting statistic if you like that kind of thing but there is another statistic – 28 children have died in the UK since 1999 in accidents involving blinds and these deaths are all avoidable.

I am not going to go on about the penalties that came into force from February 2014 since this is one of those subjects where, as landlords, we have moral responsibilities regardless of the consequences of non-compliance.   Strictly speaking, the regulations only affect blinds installed since the legislation came into force but take a look at these videos  from Make it Safe and you will see how easy it is to make blinds safe.  http://www.makeitsafe.org.uk/make-it-safe-video  If you have blinds professionally fitted, your contractor has responsibilities to comply with the rules but you could wiz around your place with an electric screwdriver and some bits and pieces costing just a few pounds and make a whole house safe in an hour or two.

Don’t turn a blind eye, make your place safe today.

If you need any help or advice about Blind Safety, give one of the 9yds team a call.