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Posted by Admin - 16/06/2016


To avoid confusion and disagreements during your tenancy you should ask the landlord any questions before you move in.

Firstly, you should ask your landlord what changes you are allowed to make.  This includes hanging pictures, installing an internet connection and painting the walls.  If the landlord has plans to redecorate the property before you move-in you might be able to negotiate some things with them.  Most landlords will not have a problem with you doing some decorating as long as it improves and adds value to the property.

You should ask your landlord if there is any renovation or repair work due to be done to the property.  If this is the case, ask them for a timeline of when works should be complete.  This will ensure you are not surprised when builders in hard hats turn up to carry out works.

It is important to know who is responsible for maintaining the garden if there is one.  Some landlords may send their own contractors to mow the lawn etc. However, some may expect you to look after this yourself.  For more information on responsibilities check out our Who’s Responsibility? blog.

You will need to know the location of your meters and which utility companies are your providers.  If you are paying the bills yourself you will receive letters at the time of move in to take over the contracts.  Some landlords will request that you take monthly meter readings for them, however, some may want to do it themselves.

Especially for tenants who drive or have visitors who drive, it is important to find out whether you have a designated parking space.  You should also find out if there are any restrictions regarding parking.  Some neighbourhoods do not allow sign-written vehicles to park in certain areas, this is something you may need to take into consideration if this applies to you.

For those who have pets you should find out well in advance whether or not the landlord will accept you with your pet.  Some landlords may request a higher deposit however some may be less tolerant and will not accept pets whatsoever.  This is why it is so important to discuss this as early on as possible so you do not get torn between your pet and your potential perfect property.  For more information on landlords who let to pets check out our Pets in Properties blog.

It is also important to know when the rubbish gets collected from the property.  You should find out dates, times and where to leave the bins.  If you do not know where to put your rubbish and you leave it in the wrong place you may leave yourself and your neighbours open to rodents.  For more information on this see our Rats Infestations blog.

Lastly, one question that a lot of tenants do not consider to ask is whether or not the landlord has any intentions of selling the property in the future.  The landlord will understand that you are merely protecting yourself against dealing with a new landlord who may increase rents or a new owner who may not want to rent the property out.