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Posted by Admin - 22/07/2016


Packing tips for a stress-free move

Stress and anxiety can occur when moving home, whether you are buying a new home or moving to a rental property, however, taking practical steps and careful planning of the moving process can help to ensure it is as stress free as possible.


As soon as you know you are going to move, the first thing to do is gather the equipment you’re going to need.  You can purchase move kits designed for a particular property, such as a two-bedroom house or one-bed flat, but it is a cheaper option to do this yourself.

You will need loads of cardboard boxes, of varying shapes and sizes and ensure these are as strong an d durable as possible. When you think you have enough…double it!

You will also need packing tape to seal the boxes, bubble wrap or old newspaper to protect the contents , a pen to label the boxes and separate labels for everything else.


The first thing to do is clear out anything you do not want to take to your new home, that way there will be less to pack.  If you have a lot of these things, you could hire a skip to save those trips to the tip.  Remember there are certain items which cannot go to landfill, such as electrical waste so be sure to check what gets discarded where.

The earlier you start packing, the more leisurely you will find the process to be. If you leave it until a few weeks before moving you’ll be spending each day frantically putting items into boxes and then emptying them again when you realise you still need a bottle opener, and can’t remember which box it’s in.

When packing, concentrate on one room at a time, which along with clear labelling of the contents will make it easier when unpacking the boxes in the new property.


Don’t forget to pack a box of essentials that you take with you to your new home.  You may want to delay the unpacking process at the other side, or the boxes may still be on the way, so take a kettle and the necessary drinks for that hard earned cuppa.

We suggest that in your box of essentials you should also include a tin opener, tinned and packet food, pots and pans, cups, eating utensils, baby supplies and pet food if required.

Most of this advice, of course, is irrelevant if you take the sensible, but more costly, choice of hiring a company to do all the packing and moving for you.