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Posted by Admin - 04/11/2015


With winter well and truly ready to strike with full force, it is important to ensure your property is ready for the battle to avoid damp, draughts and even unwanted animals. Therefore, we have devised some tips which are a sure-fire way to keep your property triumphant in the war against winter.

The Roof 

Inspect your roof and replace any cracked tiles.

Clean Sweep 

The risk of chimney fires is often underestimated, however, during this time of year they are common and extremely dangerous. Employing a professional chimney sweep is paramount before lighting your fire. For those who do not light a fire but do have an open flue, you may want to invest in a chimney balloon which prevents cold draughts making their way into the property.

Gutters & Drains

The leaves and debris that autumn leaves behind can cause a considerable amount of damage if they are not properly removed from gutters and drains. Gutters that overflow pose a serious threat to the property as it can soak walls causing water damage.

Cap The Gaps – walls, windows and doors 

To ensure that you do not gain an extra tenant in the form of a rodent we strongly advise you to seal any gaps or cracks especially in the walls and around the windows and doors of the property. Not only will this avoid unwelcome guests but it will also cut off draughts.


33% of heat loss from a property is through the walls and ceilings. Cavity wall and loft insulation is a great option.  Insulating your property can suppress the amount of heat loss significantly, reducing energy bills and adding value and sale-ability for your investment.


During the summer it is unlikely the radiators have been used very much therefore you may find that the radiators are colder at the top than they are on the bottom. This is due to trapped air within the radiator which needs to be released by bleeding the radiator.  It is recommended you do this every year to increase heating efficiency and finally, ensure that you get your boiler serviced.