Illustration depicting a sign with a Carbon Monoxide concept.

Posted by Admin - 15/09/2015


The dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO) have long been known, it is particularly dangerous since it is odourless and invisible and can affect a person within two hours rendering the person unconscious and leading to death.

The government has now passed legislation to make carbon monoxide alarms compulsory in the private rented sector.  That legislation came into force on the 1st October 2015, meaning landlords must install the alarms or potentially face a £5,000 fine.  In Northern Ireland, November is carbon monoxide awareness month, sadly over here, awareness is pitifully low of both the danger and the new rules.

Many of us have already installed alarms not just in our rented properties but also in our homes, I don’t quite get it that we legislate to protect others but are not forced to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Act today…

These alarms are easy and cheap to buy and fit, if you use an agent ask them what they are doing about it.

Buy one with an audible alarm, you can’t rely on seeing the visual warnings in time.  Also make sure they comply with the British Standard EN50291 (also shown as BSEN 50291) and display the British Standards Kitemark or European equivalent.  Some models even have a 10 year battery life giving you more peace of mind.

We help our 9yds Members with any aspect of their tenancy but on the subject of safety, anyone should feel free to give us a call – Member or not, and we will be pleased to help.