Posted by Admin - 17/08/2016


Whilst the housing market and economic outlook is still in a post EU referendum pit of uncertainty Rightmove are still confident that they will be able to deliver on expectations for the current year.

Rightmove is such a powerful and renowned brand and they are positive that with their subscription model alongside the value of their products they will continue to succeed.

CEO Nick McKittrick said: “We are focused on helping our customers succeed by delivering the most significant and effective exposure for their properties and brand and being the largest source of high quality leads. In addition to the advertising efficiencies we deliver, we have continued to help our customers drive operational efficiencies through the software, tools and support we provide which draw on our unique data and insight across the UK property market”.

Here at 9yds we use Rightmove as they deliver outstanding exposure for our properties.  It is the UK’s busiest property website and is reportedly the 9th most visited website in the UK.  Rightmove also provides good quality tenants and there are lots of in-house training opportunities available through webinars which we encourage our staff to take part in.