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Posted by Alan - 13/10/2015


Letting a property can be carried out in one of two ways:

1/ Pay a traditional agent to carry out the service for you or,

2/ Do it yourself

There are pros and cons to each approach but neither involve rocket science.

If you are big on cash and short on time, then using a reputable agent is the obvious choice.  Do bear in mind that not all agents are the same and different agents have different skill levels when it comes to letting a property in a legal way and just as importantly using industry best practices.

Do your research, use independent reviews to find a good one – and do check the fees carefully; agents are required to publish their fees clearly on their websites.  Expect to pay around a month’s rent to find a tenant and set up the tenancy.

Doing it yourself is much more difficult but the cash savings are substantial.

I read an article a while ago that suggested that there are 100 different pieces of legislation and regulation that must be complied with.

Iin addition, you will need to do the research to make the right choices on advertising platforms, inventories, tenant screening and referencing, tenancy agreements, deposit schemes, insurances and the right checks and paperwork on move in.

I will be writing articles on each of these areas over the coming weeks to help you in your selections but the Landlord Associations are also good sources for each of these areas – it is not rocket science at all but it is a broad subject and there are a lot of things to consider and to stay up to date with.

There is a third way that may suit you…

9yds was created to fill the void between these two polar approaches.  We have looked at all the areas that must be covered and ensure that we cover them – this is all delivered through one FREE service that we believe to be the whole 9 yards.

Where products and services are needed we have done the research and put together a set of complementary services that work in harmony together.  All of this is delivered through a combination of software and people.  The software carries out much of the job, the team at 9yds fill in the gaps where you need a human touch or simply some help or advice.

By investing in this software and putting together best in class products for things like inventories, tenancy agreements, tenant referencing and rent and legal protection* we believe we have an ideal solution.

It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Why not take a look at our 9yds Introduction, or at the very least take a look at the software or give us a call for a chat.