Posted by Admin - 07/06/2016


Landlords ought to make themselves aware of the proposed changes to licencing requirements for HMO’s otherwise they run the risk they could get caught out.

There are currently two types of HMO licencing, these are:

Mandatory licencing:  This applies to all HMOs which have 3 or more storeys and are occupied by 5 or more people.

Additional licencing:  This is subject to the councils discretion.  If they deem that HMOs in the area are producing issues for tenants or the area itself due to poor management, additional licencing may be required.

Reports show that the Government plan to implement changes to the mandatory licencing requirements and it will include: extending mandatory licencing to two storey buildings and imaginably, single storey properties converted into flats, which are not compliant with Building Regulations.  One other potential change could include a minimum bedroom size.

Some of the major problems found in HMOs are poor lighting and stairs that are not safe, which in the event of a fire, could prove to be deadly.

Watch this space for changes to legislation and licencing.