Posted by Admin - 02/11/2015


I was not looking forward to writing this, but felt it necessary since so many of you ask about evictions.  Sections 8 and 21 are complex and the rules vary by individual circumstances and if your property is in England or Wales.  The rules changed in October and put new obligations on Landlords both at the start and the end of the tenancy.

All Landlords will need to either learn this or pay someone else, as tenants will always move on.

9yds members will not need to navigate these rules, they give us a call and ask what to do; for the rest of you the best advice I can give is to follow this step by step and ensure you get it right.

Alternatively join the NLA or RLA and use their advice and resources.  Lawyers are frequently not the answer as whilst they know the application of the law they are often short on practical experience unless you find a specialist.

Over the coming weeks I will be writing posts to deal with some of the specific questions, like retaliatory evictions, but unless you are issuing a standard Section 21 at the end of the tenancy it could get complicated.