Energy efficiency concept with energy rating chart and a house with red bobble hat

Posted by Admin - 12/01/2016


The Energy Act 2011 placed a duty on the Secretary of State to bring into force regulations to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the domestic and non-domestic private rented sector in England and Wales.

The Government launched a consultation on 22 July 2014, closing on 2 September 2014, on the domestic regulations which are set out below:

  • Tenant’s energy efficiency improvement regulations that will empower private domestic tenants to request consent for energy efficiency measures that may not unreasonably be refused by their landlord. These regulations must be in force by 1st April 2016.
  • Minimum energy efficiency standard regulations that will require eligible properties in the sector to be improved to a specified minimum standard. These regulations must be in force by 1st April 2018.

A summary of the requirements are:

April 2018: by this date it will be unlawful to let out a property with an F or G Energy Performance Certificate rating, as a new let. There will be a few limited exemptions;

April 2020: by this date the requirement for a minimum E rating will apply, not just to new lets but also to existing tenancies;

2025: the target is for a minimum D rating;

2030: the minimum target will be a C rating.

You can read the full outcome of the consultation: