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Posted by Admin - 01/03/2016


Reports by Industry bodies such as The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks and the tenant deposit scheme show that cleaning issues are one of the most common cause of dispute between landlords and tenants and 56% of deposit disputes are down to cleanliness.

Ensure when advertising the property that photographs fairly represent the property so as not to leave tenants disappointed at viewings, clean the property thoroughly between tenancies and again ahead of viewings.   Clean properties let much faster.

It is also believed that a pristine property will be returned in the same manor at the end of the tenancy, happy tenants and happy landlords alike.

If as a landlord, you are using an agent or property management company to look after your property throughout the tenancy, ensure they carry out periodic inspections which will help to highlight any issues during the tenancy.

Watch this space for further information & top tips on cleaning your property.