beds in sheds

Posted by Admin - 26/01/2016


As part of a package of proposals in the Housing and Planning Bill, which has been designed to ensure that the UK’s 9 million tenants feel empowered to demand a higher standard of rental property and management of those properties, it was announced last week that 48 councils will share funding of £5 million to tackle those landlords who leave tenants in dangerous properties.

The Government hopes to stamp out “beds in sheds”.  Almost 40,000 inspections since 2011 have resulted in over 3,000 Landlords facing enforcement action or prosecution.   With this cash injection, local authorities will be able to carry out more raids and inspections on properties; resulting in more statutory notices, and destruction of prohibited buildings.

The Housing Minister Brandon Lewis said that:

“the funding is part of a package of measures that will ensure millions of tenants get a better deal when they rent a home.  Many private rental tenants are happy with their home and the service they receive, but there are still rogue landlords that exploit vulnerable people and force their tenants to live in overcrowded and squalid accommodation.  We are determined to tackle these rogues which is why we are providing 48 councils with extra funding, so they can get rid of the cowboy operators in their area and bring an end to tenants living in miserable homes in the name of profit.  We also want to raise the quality and choice of rental accommodation across the sector. The funding will ensure tenants know what level of service they can expect and have confidence to get help and take action if things go wrong.”