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Posted by Admin - 16/03/2016


A checkout is an important stage of a tenancy. By asking your tenant to attend the viewing and discussing the property’s condition together, any problems can be resolved more quickly. This will help to prevent disputes particularly over the return of the tenant’s deposit.’

Landlords should always take a copy of the inventory with them to the checkout.  This would have been signed by the tenant to confirm the original condition of the property and will provide an important reference point for discussions and further inspections.

Make sure you give your tenant enough notice to invite to attend the checkout, ideally this should be done in writing.  Make sure they understand the process, as this gives the tenant the opportunity to explain the state of the property and to answer any questions you might have.

You may wish to use the services of an inventory clerk who will have the experience to deal with any potential issues that arise.

Landlords should ensure they take their time when undertaking the checkout process, and that they take detailed notes, and photographic evidence.  These notes should be signed and dated by the tenant.